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lantlos melting sun

French musician Neige used to get around a lot, getting involved in all kinds of side-projects and groups. In recent years though, Alcest has been his main focus due to its increasing success and demand, leaving other acts he has touched in various states of disbandment or limbo. One former project in Lantlos however is carrying on without Neige; after all, the man pulling the strings for this project has always been German multi-instrumentalist Markus “Herbst” Siegenhort. After Neige’s departure from Lantlos following the release of 2011′s Agape, Herbst has taken over vocal duties while working on their new album Melting Sun the past two years.

Today, the first glimpse of Melting Sun has been made available, and it looks as if Lantlos is going the way of dream rock as well. While promising to be more rock and metal oriented than Alcest’s latest record Shelter, Melting Sun is free of screams and blastbeats. According to Herbst, they may return in the future, but for now the genre-wide evolution from post-rock influenced black metal and dark, cool colors towards bright, warm colors in dream rock and new wave continues with Lantlos as well.

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Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals - A Voice WithinIntervals

A Voice Within

01. Ephemeral
02. Moment Marauder
03. Automaton
04. The Self Surrendered
05. Breathe
06. The Escape
07. Atlas Hour
08. Siren Sound
09. A Voice Within


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about musical metamorphoses. Alcest completed their predictable evolution as a dream-rock act and dropped all shades of their former blackened shell. Tides of Man recently went from progressive rock-influenced post-hardcore group to instrumental post-rock maestros following the departure of vocalist Tilian Pearson. The most jarring and polarizing transformation we’ve seen recently though is the one taken by Toronto-based act Intervals; after making a name for themselves as an instrumental guitar-oriented project, touring bassist and former The HAARP Machine vocalist Mike Semesky graduated to full-time singer for their full-length debut, alienating many fans along the way.

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Alcest – Shelter

alcest - shelterAlcest


 01. Wings
02. Opale
03. La Nuit Marche avec Moi
04. Voix Sereines
05. L’Éveil des Muses
06. Shelter
07. Away
08. Délivrance

[Prophecy Productions]

Let’s get the obvious and overstated out of the way: Shelter is in no way a metal album. Over the course of the French blackgaze/post-metal hybrid’s career, Alcest (i.e. Neige) has delicately straddled the line between black metal and heavy music’s touchstones and airy, cinematic soundscapes more akin to the likes of Sigur Rós or classic dream pop/shoegaze acts like Slowdive and Lush. Since the initial release of Le Secret in 2005, Neige has gradually pushed the project further away from its harsher roots to the point that his previous album, the sweeping Les Voyages De L’Âme, featured very little in the way of raspy screams and massive distortion in favor of clean tones and beautiful melodies.

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As far as Depressive Suicidal Black Metal goes, not many bands get it like Woods of Desolation. Their last album, Torn Beyond Reason, is one of my favorite albums of all time. The band is the brainchild of Australian artist D., who brings in a collection of session musicians from around the world. This time, for the brand new album As the Stars, he’s brought in Vlad (Drudkh) on drums, Luke Mills (Nazxul, Pestilential Shadows) on bass, and Old (Drohtnung) on vocals. You can stream the fabulous album at Stereogum.

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alcest - shelter

Alcest‘s beautiful metamorphosis from black metal act to dream pop shoegazers has been both a source of frustration and admiration from the metal community. Their latest record Shelter is artful, majestic, and nostalgic, but does it hold up to the band’s celebrated and highly influential discography? I have a feeling that it will divide the fanbase even further, but we here at Heavy Blog dig it!

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junius days of the fallen sun

I’ve always had a flirting enjoyment with shoegazing alt rock group Junius, but I never quite committed to fandom. Not entirely sure why that is, because the sort of melancholic atmosphere that this Bostonian group are dealing with works remarkably well on a playlist that includes the likes of Isis, Deftones, Alcest, — pretty much everything and anything post-whatever related. Certainly an enjoyable band, but they never really stuck around for me for very long. Hopefully their new EP Days of the Fallen Sun will change that.

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alcest - shelter

There’s a lot of floaty adjectives you could use to describe post-black metal progenitors Alcest, like nostalgic and dreamy. These descriptors get more apt with every release, as founder and songwriter Neige felt his longing intentions were lost in the flurry of black metal in their early releases. Anyone could have seen Alcest transforming to dream-pop and post-rock from a mile away, and the transformation is complete on the group’s new album Shelter, as we’ve already heard with first single ‘Opale.’

A second track from Shelter titled ‘Délivrance‘ has been made available over our holiday off, and it might as well be a cut off of a Sigur Ros album, with droning guitars, symphonic strings, and massive vocal harmonies taking listeners through a magical 10-minute journey. Check it out below:

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alcest opale still

As if the confirmation we received via the official press release for the new record Shelter wasn’t enough, we now have audio to document the loss of all black metal from post-black progenitors Alcest. Shelter’s leading single ‘Opale‘ is nostalgically upbeat and filled with shoegaze, new wave, and dream pop aesthetic. A tragic loss indeed, but fans of Alcest’s later work should have no problems warming up to the new material.

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an autumn for crippled children - try not to destroy everything you loveAn Autumn For Crippled Children

Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love

01. Autumn Again
02. The Woods Are On Fire
03. Never Complete
04. Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love
05. Hearts of Light
06. Sepia Mountains For Her Lament
07. Closer
08. Avoiding Winter
09. Starlit Spirits


Black metal, post-rock, and new wave have been intimate with each other for some time. There’s something about fuzzy guitars, dreamy atmospheric melodies, and a certain frostbitten tenacity that just works well together, and with every year, the genres get even more incestuous and daring in their experimentation. Just take a look around; post-black progenitors Alcest are metamorphosing into dream pop, Deafheaven are getting more romantic in their longing soundscapes, and Altar of Plagues went out in a swan-song of vicious tremolo-picked melodies and industrial grooves. It could be argued that the fringes of black metal influenced music is one of the most interesting developments we’ve seen in extreme underground music lately, and few bands encompass the possibilities of this movement quite like An Autumn For Crippled Children.

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alcest - shelter

Apparently the new Alcest record was completed and announced way back in July, but I’m only just now hearing about it! Following the nearly black metal-free 2012 album Les Voyages de l’Âme, it comes as no surprise that the act are now being officially billed as a dream pop band for their upcoming record Shelter.

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