Yautja – The Lurch

Depending on how you choose to count things and which albums you consider as "full", it has been either seven or six years since Yautja's last "full" album and by Jove, I've missed them. There are a lot of rea... Read More...

Grind My Gears – The Infamous Transatlantic Grind Symphony

I love it when the three carefully selected acts I throw in this column all have an overarching theme that I didn't realise until the very last minute, forcing my hand and ultimately ensuring the introduction I had previously written gets fucked right into the sea. Projects built over the Internet with friends, new and old - hence the title, I'm sorry but there is not a real Grind Symphony, yet -  the next few bands Grinding My Gears range from veterans raising their fists at the sky, electric pink violence, and a new act that might just have released my favourite ten minutes of music this year.