160 – I Couldn’t Come Up With A Title But Go Watch Santa Clarita Diet

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast!We have a bunch of new proggy music this week, including Devin Townsend, Periphery, Equipoise, and Hannes Grossmann. Also Nekrasov. We also cover some sad/weird stories like the passing of Viraemia bassist Scott Plummer, and Static-X doing a tour with their vocalist replacing Wayne Static wearing a Wayne Static-but-with-dead-skin-looking mask. Yeah. Also this Magic: The Gathering trailer with an emotional Linkin Park cover, and some random live clip of Metallica with Cliff. Then cool people time with, you guessed it, Santa Clarita Diet, Arrested Development, Sekiro, Hitman 2, and Texorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia. Enjoy!
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Rings of Saturn – Dingir

For a band so young, Rings of Saturn have become strangely notorious in such a short career. The last thing the already controversial genre of tech-death needed was a band with roots in deathcore born out of the technological age in both digitally processed aesthetic and a chaotic, unfiltered attitude. In that regard, Rings of Saturn are a product of their environment, aligning themselves firmly on the overindulgent side of the genre of technical death metal (a la Viraemia and Brain Drill) for their debut album, Embryonic Anomaly. It’s easy to see how a band as extreme as Rings of Saturn can be so polarizing at first glance.