Hey! Listen to Triangle!

What’s better than death metal, grindcore, and hardcore? When they’re all put together into some nutty chaos, that’s what. Meet Triangle. Straight out of Belgium, they play the above genre in such a way that you really don’t notice any of the influences too distinctly, until you really sit down and listen.
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Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die ∆live

Born of Osiris had a lot to prove after the release of The Discovery. Nearly universally acclaimed, the band ramped up on their progressive influences with dueling lead guitar work and more pronounced keyboards that set the album apart from its predecessors. People took notice of the shift as no coincidence with guitarist Jason Richardson joining before the writing process. Since then, Richardson has left the band under less than amicable circumstances, with both parties claiming responsibility for the spark that made The Discovery resonate with fans. With Tomorrow We Die Alive, the band's core have proven that they were indeed responsible for and capable of The Discovery, but they've still somehow managed to lower the bar.