What’s better than death metal, grindcore, and hardcore? When they’re all put together into some nutty chaos, that’s what. Meet Triangle. Straight out of Belgium, they play the above genre in such a way that you really don’t notice any of the influences too distinctly, until you really sit down and listen.

I’m going to say it right now, though: this is weird stuff, and I mean that in the most positive way. This is a band that will take you through twists and turns without giving you any warning sign. Not to say that Triangle switches and/or blends genres like Mr. Bungle or Naked City, but you don’t know when they’re going to burst out into full-on grindcore mode or play around for a little while. The track “Deja Vu” (off of the band’s only album/EP thus far, A2+B2=C2), for example, starts off with what can only be described as a slowed-down grindcore riff with then blasts into a full speed grindcore jaunt, with some interesting vocals along the way.

Did I also mention that they’re fun? They seem like they have a great sense of humor, what with the final track being called “Donald Is Not A Duck,” and the funny lyrics (which I believe are “ooga booga,” but I’m probably mistaken) that start off the verses at the beginning of “Ottoman Sultan,” and the fact that the band’s picture is literally just a geometry textbook triangle. (I do wish they posted lyrics with their songs, though.)

I think what makes Triangle so interesting to me is that while they play all those genres, they prescribe to none of them. They could be obsessed with breakdowns like a bad hardcore act, and could play songs that sound way too similar for an entire release (like a really shitty grindcore band)  can, but they don’t. They like variety, but aren’t so attached to variety as to let go of the cohesion that their sound brings them.

Overall, this is a band who manages to make fun, wild, but more importantly, well-written music. If any of that piques your interest, give it a go.

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  1. Goldicot

    The name of the album is incorrect with the way they’ve diagrammed their band photo.


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