FREE DOWNLOAD: Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Six

For the last six years in a row, we at Heavy Blog have continued a tradition of reaching out to friends, family, and other independent and unsigned artists in the online metal community and curate a free Christmas compilation as a gift to you, dear readers.

Featuring over 20 tracks from artists such as Sul ad Astral, Frontierer, Sectioned, Instar, Closet Witch, The Central, and more!

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The Anatomy Of: Tre Watson

If you’ve been around these parts since the early days, you’re sure to recognize the name Tre Watson. Proprietor of his own solo project to being the driving force of deathcore act Carthage, Tre was never content with just sitting still. Early TW material was in keeping with the then-burgeoning…

Carthage – Salt the Earth

Carthage Salt the Earth 01. Destroy the City 02. Blackout 03. Perception Fails 04. The Furthest Thing 05. Years & Darkness 06. Pushing Forward 07. Maelstrom 08. Exegetics 09. To Return 10. 1984/4 11. Green 12. Continuous 13. Pushing Forward (Acoustic) [12/11/12] [Self-Released] By now, everyone reading this should have…

Farewell, 2011: Nayon’s Top 21 of 2011

Wow, this year was an amazing year for metal. There were many great technical and progressive albums, which is what I consider to be my ‘main’ genre. A lot of my favorite bands came out with excellent albums, and there were a few surprising newcomers. Some of these I’ve reviewed…