Instar’s Debut EP Is Ready To Take You On An Adventure

We've spoken of Instar before, around a year and a half ago to be exact. Back then the project of bassist (and good friend of the blog) Gregory Greenberg was in its nascent stages and only had one track, "We're Getting Older" (which also happened to feature vocals from Hayato Imanishi of Cyclamen and Heavy Blog contributor and Omega Experiment creator Dan Wieten). But that one track piqued enough of our interests that we felt compelled to write about it and support him. In fact, one of us felt so compelled by the music that he actually joined on as a contributor to the project. Our very own Eden Kupermintz joined forces with Greg to provide lyrical inspiration as well as his own velvety pipes as narration on one track. After much collaboration and work, Instar's first official EP is complete and ready for full public consumption, which you should get on pronto!