55 – Patreon Shitshow feat. Riley of Allegaeon

So, you all may have seen the absolute unbridled rage against Allegaeon's Patreon from last week. I thought this was pretty unfounded and ridiculous, so I invited Riley McShane of Allegaeon to talk about how he views this situation, and whether some of the accusations made in the articles are founded or not. We ended up having a great chat about the band's situation and crowd funding. I recommend listening to this one, regardless of what you think about the situation! Then Eden and I talk about news and stuff. The new Metallica song, the new Shokran video, the upcoming Soen album, the new Thy Catafalque album, the new Disillusion video, the new... I got tired of going "the new X". Instead, listen to this really dumb but amazing mashup of the Space Jam tune with the new Meshuggah album by Analog Staple. Oh, also, Dominic Forrest Lapointe joined First Fragment. Balance Interruption is an awesome saxed-up black metal thing. Alkaloid are on Season of Mist, officially making it the best label ever. Facebook added integration with some music services. Our underrated album of the week is Rad a Trest by !T.O.O.H! - I wrote about them years ago. Then we talk about how song order is a really hard thing to pick.
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Avant-Garde Metal Week Reviews: Iblis – Menthell

Iblis are a Polish avant-garde/psychedelic death metal band. What does that mean? Remember the feeling of weirdness you got the first time you listened to Atheist? Take that, and amplify it to the level of crazy that !T.O.O.H! pull off. That's what Iblis sound like. If those words don't make sense to you, then just think old school progressive death metal on drugs. Menthell is Iblis's debut album, and it's quite ambitious. It tries to take on a niche that is very closed to newcomers due to it being defined very strictly by brilliant albums about 20 years ago. When the stakes are so high, Menthell could either fail miserably or take a firm step towards the hall of fame. But which one will it be?