A DIY “Black Waltz”; Watch As String Villains Make Magic Happen

People are out there doing cool things; that's one of the things keeping me going. The blog is a lot of work to maintain but it's all worth it when I know that I can contribute my little voice to the amazing things being done out in the world. Here's an example: a bunch of guys called String Villains decided to play their brand of post metal with an orchestra. However, they're young and they don't have the connections or the money to make something like that happen. So, what do they do? Why, the wrangle students from their university who study music, use the fact that the orchestra is made up of these selfsame students to sell the idea to the university and record a bloody track with them. The result is both well composed and executed, a delight for the ears and the mind as this daring story unravels. Below you can find a video of the said event. Let's meet after it!