131 – Can’t Go Downhill If You’re Already At Rock Bottom

This week we're super enthusiastic to bring you the contents! All of it. Specifically, Akon's cryptocurrency haven, Tidal's lawsuit, Michael Keene's and The Faceless's troubles, Cavalera Conspiracy doing a Sepultura throwback tour, Lamb of God in sign language, the new Obscura album, Periphery's new label, Mike Shinoda's new video, Antisoph, Shylmagoghnar, and Ghostbound. Then, cool people time with Westworld and a bunch of roguelikes. Enjoy?

Hey! Listen to Shylmagoghnar!

Shylmagoghnar are a conundrum. The Metal Archives lists their genre as progressive/melodic death metal, but that is a misnomer. Those looking for prog will be disappointed; the only song that could reasonably masquerade as such is the opener, “I Am the Abyss”. The other genre tag is even more misleading - Emergence has almost none of the raw aggression or speed characteristic of any form of death metal. The production is clear as day, and keyboards provide soft atmospheric textures that swaddle the album in a decidedly not death metal glaze. Elements of black metal, such as the rasped vocals and wicked tremolo riffs in “Edin in Ashes” also permeate the album, but not enough to be considered defining characteristics. What is left, then, is an album that defies genre boundaries, not out of pretension or defiance but simply because two Dutch guys got together and wrote some metal on the instruments they knew how to play. And fortunately for us, they’ve written some remarkably tight songs.