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Deftones – Koi No Yokan

Many bands have had to go through great lengths in order to attain the superstar status that they have sought for so long. These bands constantly jump through hoops to attain the critical highs their idols have achieved over years and years of experience. Then you have a band like Deftones, who can succeed at every turn without breaking a sweat, continually churning out some of the best music that the world has to offer. Experimenting with different sounds and techniques, mixing heavy metal songs with softer, post-rock pieces is something that normally would be very hard for one single band to do without losing a large portion of the original lineup. However, Deftones have managed to craft album after album or beautiful music, and Koi No Yokan is no different.
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Serj Tankian – Harakiri

Serj Tankian returns to the world of metal and hard-rock with his third solo release, Harakiri. Ceremonious suicide indeed, as this album is a continuation of Tankian's previous solo efforts, with a lot of dabbling into new areas, and further eschewing of the sonic qualities that made up his younger years as a musician.

Mastodon – The Hunter

Mastodon The Hunter 01. Black Tongue 02. Curl Of The Burl 03. Blasteroid 04. Stargasm 05. Octopus Has No Friends 06. All The Heavy Lifting 07. The Hunter 08. Dry Bone Valley 09. Thickening 10. Creatu... Read More...
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Let Mastodon Curl Your Burl

In the third part of a two-day Mastodon four-fer (ending with Jimmy's review at 4pm EST), catch the mildly NSFW video for the track "Curl of the Burl" from their forthcoming, just-around-the-corner album The ... Read More...