Half-Life: Crashdïet

Crashdïet have had a hard time since spear-heading the Swedish sleaze rock revival in the early 2000s. With five studio albums, and nearly as many lead singers, under their belt since 2005, it hasn't been easy ... Read More...

Love Letter – Skid Row’s “I Remember You”

This is a love letter about a love song. The glam metal explosion yielded more than its fair share of sappy power ballads, but one reigns above them all. The Achilles heel of the power ballad is its maddening tendency to mire in cliché -- but, paradoxically, “I Remember You” manages to subvert kitsch and bludgeon cliché through its absolute screaming dedication to its own cliché.
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Rediscovering an Autopsy

A long time ago Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon did the Legacy of Blood tour over in Europe. One of the bands billed was a small little act known as Annotations of an Autopsy. Throughout the tour videos Big Cho... Read More...
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Get Ready For Some LULZ

What happens when the incredibly average pop stylings of Katy Perry meets incredibly average power metal? You get this gem which is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the original: She fits right in, no? The song ... Read More...