Victorius – Space Ninjas From Hell

Victorius’s previous offering, the six-track EP DIsnosaur Warfare: Legend of the Power Saurus [sic] (2008), is one of the best power metal releases of recent years. Although fluorescent ’80s nostalgia had long been driven into the ground already (as we’ll discuss further below), by tapping into the less-exploited dinosaur market…

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Unmetal Monday – 7/24/2017

There’s a lot happening in the music world, and we here at Heavy Blog try our very best to keep up with it! Like the vast majority of heavy music fans, our tastes are incredibly vast, with our 3X3s in each Playlist Update typically covering numerous genres and sometimes a different style in each square. While we have occasionally covered non-metal topics in past blog posts, we decided that a dedicated column was warranted in order to more completely recommend all of the music that we have been listening to. Unmetal Monday is a weekly column which covers noteworthy tracks and albums from outside the metal universe, and we encourage you all to share your favorite non-metal picks from the week in the comments. This week, we’ll be highlighting a few albums and tracks that struck our fancy over the past few weeks. Head past the jump to dial down the distortion:

PHOTOS: I Fight Dragons, Randombeats!, Psychostick, Danimal Cannon, Journey Live—February 20th, 2016 @ MAGFest XIV, National Harbor, MD

Welcome back to the third and final day of MAGFest 2016 photos! We had the extreme privilege of experiencing the first ever performance of Austin Wintory’s Journey Live. Not to be confused with the 1970s rockers who brought us “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Journey Live is, as the name implies, a…