Hey! Listen to Throwers!

It seems like every year a new, incredibly talented metallic hardcore/noise group comes into the fold or gains some much-deserved mainstream recognition. Last year we were treated to Great American Ghost, 2014 found Expire wowing us with Pretty Low, in 2013 Hessian released their debut Manégarmr, and before that, all the way back in 2012, Code Orange came onto the scene with their awesome Love Is Love // Return to Dust album.

While we still have six months left of 2016, I believe that Germany’s Throwers will prove to be a future powerhouse of aggressive hardcore, with their debut Loss setting the foundation of their reign as hardcore royalty.

Hey! Listen to Primitive Man!

Shamefully, Primitive Man have not received nearly enough attention around these parts. And I’d like to correct that. Their 2013 LP Scorn was an absolute favorite of mine. Scorn seamlessly blended the darkest and bleakest parts of doom, sludge, and hardcore into a terrifyingly potent cocktail. Their unique sound is…

Hessian ‘Mourn The World‘ On New Track

  Recently, Alkahest extolled the virtues of having beautifully enticing album art with Plini and so today, I present to you, the complete antithesis of that idea in Hessian’s Manégarmr. Look out how disgusting that is, I mean, I’m not particularly averse to or scared of insects or anything but that is just… It…