Editors’ Picks: March 2017

We like to joke around here pretty constantly that the amount of quality music out there in the world for us to consume and critique is magnitudes more than we can possibly manage, that we are drowning in a sea of music and are suffering mightily for it. We are all the "Why can't I hold all these limes?" guy.

Heretoir – The Circle

Is it possible for a post-black metal artist to sit still? Not that we would ever want them to, mind you, but it's worth pointing out that many of the artists responsible for the creation and popularization of ... Read More...
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Heretoir – Heretoir

Heretoir Heretoir 01. The Escape - Part I 02. Fatigue 03. Retreat to Hibernate 04. 0 05. Weltschmerz 06. Graue Bauten 07. The Escape - Part II 08. To Follow The Sun 09. Heretoir The passionate an... Read More...