Into the Pit: Thrash Metal Mailbag

Hello fellow pit-sters! This month, I thought we could do something a little different. You all know I’ve been playing fast and loose with the schedule of this column, and August will be no different! Fellow thrash Josh Bulleid and I thought we’d introduce ourselves to you all a little…

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Dark Hound – Dawning

What goes around, comes around. What’s old is new again. People say this shit all the time because it holds so true. We’ve seen it with just about every style of music, and metal has gotten some real good out of it (see: re-thrash, “occult” metal). While I don’t know exactly what constitutes a genre “revival,” I do know is that if my limited awareness tells me anything about a recent “nu-metal revival,” it’s safe to assume that a “NWOAHM revival” is just around the corner… or emerging. If we are in fact uber-predictable creatures of habit, Nashville’s Dark Hound might be a harbinger of the return of trucker hats, studded belts, and Jagerbombs.

Djent Was A Genre Full Of Great Debuts And Little Else

Djent had an explosive entrance into the world of heavy music, around the start of the decade. It was a truly exciting occurrence, with first-wave acts like Periphery, Animals As Leaders and Cloudkicker filtering the technically-driven progressive sound of acts like Meshuggah, Sikth, and those of the budding “Sumeriancore” movement, into something  altogether more accessible, while still retaining much of their forebears’ technical and progressive edge. Yet, like most new sub-genres, djent quickly devolved into pastiche and gave way to over saturation—perhaps a little bit quicker than most. Djent, it seems, has had a propperly ballistic trajectory, and—in 2017—as its momentum trails off, it’s hard to get excited about this once-promising phenomenon.

Did Fair To Midland Call It Quits?

Bands seem to be dropping like flies. All in the past few days, The Chariot and God Forbid announced their disbandment, and War From A Harlot’s Mouth announced that they would be going on hiatus. Another band we could potentially add to the list is Texas alt/prog rock group Fair…

“This is NOT a Victory for God Forbid”

[youtube= I echo reader Brian Kessler’s above sentiments on this bit of news. Oh dear… “We are excited to announce the signing of New Brunswick, New Jersey’s melodic, thrash-metal warriors, GOD FORBID, to a merchandising, publishing and recording deal. Both VICTORY RECORDS and GOD FORBID are veterans at their respective…

Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever

Children of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever 01. Not My Funeral 02. Shovel Knockout 03. Roundtrip To Hell And Back 04. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide 05. Relentless Reckless Forever 06. Ugly 07. Cry Of The Nihilist 08. Was It Worth It? 09. Northpole Throwdown [03/08/11] [Roadrunner] Alright, so my review of the…