Editors’ Picks – July 2018

Every year, it seems like Summer is more impossible. Are we growing old? Is it actually hotter? Is it both? Who knows (it’s probably the former). But the sad fact remains that patterns of routine that have helped us cope in the past, a cold glass of water here, a welcome shady corner there, are becoming more and more diminished, the returns just less effective at getting us home. It’s truly a death by a thousand cuts or, rather, death by a thousand drops (of sweat).

Hey! Listen to DON PIE PIE!

It’s been a veritable hot minute since we’ve told you to go read Fecking Bahamas. Go read it! Seriously, if you like the style of stuff that we do here at Heavy Blog but wish we covered math-rock and lots of it, this is the blog for you. Case in point,…