It’s been a veritable hot minute since we’ve told you to go read Fecking Bahamas. Go read it! Seriously, if you like the style of stuff that we do here at Heavy Blog but wish we covered math-rock and lots of it, this is the blog for you. Case in point, they recently shared a new EP from a Portuguese band called DON PIE PIE and it is sweet as all hell. I didn’t use that adjective by accident by the way; from the first notes of the album, you can tell that sweetness of tone and approach is something that the band explicitly go for. However, just like how you need to add a pinch of salt to cookies to make the sweetness really stand out (I recently learned this and was mindblown), DPP1 has a rougher undertone as contrast for the sweetness in the form of amazing synths. Let’s head on down below for a taste!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2685341157 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=2455032009]


“Peach White White” is such a good name for a track. It opens up with a really beautiful series of notes that provides the main driving force for the first half of the track. The drums and the bass pick up beautifully on the intonations of these notes and send the whole track careening like a mad but lovable drunk down a mildly lit street. But somewhere closer to that middle point, the instruments go quiet and a prominent and well fleshed out synth tone takes center stage. From there, it’s an exploration of this synth line and what it means. The bass, guitars and drums become almost muddled, as if heard through a veil of humidity, supporting and fleshing out this synth role.

The two other tracks also make excellent use of these ideas and incorporate the electronic edge into their composition. The end result is a short but entirely satisfying release, as it hides intricate segments and wonderful synth tones to explore. If you’re looking for a tall drink of refreshing math-rock as the summer unfolds before our eyes, DON PIE PIE have you covered. Go check out and don’t forget to follow Fecking Bahamas!


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