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Dissonance In Design – Sentient

The explosion of progressive metal acts within the past few years has paved the way for a lot of super talented bands and provided them with a thriving scene in which to share their art. Between the Buried and Me are really the forefathers of this movement, and they have inspired a legion of followers who are extremely talented in their own right and, in some cases, have even spearheaded musical movements of their own, such as Scale the Summit, The Human Abstract, and The Faceless. Of course, as with any musical movement, over saturation of bands tends to lead to diminished quality of musical output, as we've seen happen to the metalcore movement and the deathcore movement after it. Weeding through the junk to find the gems can prove to be a somewhat difficult task. Thank goodness, then, for bands like Dissonance In Design, who display the finest elements of everything that makes progressive metal so exciting and what's more, are actually worthy of the moniker "progressive".