Bring Me The Horizon – amo

t's not often that we put our cart before the horse with our Editor's Picks and run a pick before we've had a chance to go more in-depth in a review, but SPOILERS: British rock act Bring Me The Horizon's latest record amo (sixth overall) wound up as my pick for January 2019, and as we never received a promo copy, we haven't had much of a chance to dissect it and let its diverse sounds sink in at the point of publication in order to dedicate a formal review. At the time, I just knew that I liked it. A lot. Now, going on two weeks since release and the album spinning nearly nonstop, it has had the opportunity to sink its hooks in deeper.

Hey! Listen To Our Hollow, Our Home!

While I'm usually the last to jump on any given bandwagon at any given time, I'm getting on this one while it's fresh and hot. UK Metalcore upstarts Our Hollow, Our Home are one of a fresh batch of new acts splashing together the heartfelt musings of The Ghost Inside with the kind of metal assault that I Killed The Prom Queen deliver at a professional level. There's enough of these acts around that the good ones can go unnoticed while the "meh"s of the crop get the limelight. This is not the case here. Jam this band and forever be thankful that their mixture of soaring choruses and bounce happy breakdowns is now plugged into your brain via me.
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JERICCO – Beautiful In Danger

Successfully composing layered epics of greater than ten minutes in length and thematically intricate concept albums is no doubt a feat of great skill and application, worthy of the praise and attention we laud upon the musicians who bless us with such challenging listening experiences. However, what is less obvious, and less often recognised, is just how difficult it is to write songs that are more compact in structure, yet are of such depth that they continue to reveal new secrets and subtleties with each repeated listen. Hailing from the current Australian school of alternative and progressive rock, JERICCO have, with their debut album, Beautiful In Danger, managed to compile a collection of songs that do exactly that.