Periphery – Periphery IV: HAIL STAN

It's 2019, and Periphery are untethered by third-party oversight and have complete creative freedom. One would expect, given their memey and not-so-serious aesthetic and progressive-leaning musical nature, that they must have not had much oversight from their previous label Sumerian Records to begin with; after all, much of the music that Periphery were releasing under Sumerian had a paper trail of demos from the Bulb Soundclick demo era of the band, and the output was always super consistent in terms of quality and musical direction, so it was easy to just assume that the band called their own shots.
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Sithu Aye – Isles

Sithu Aye Isles 01. Isles 02. Skye 03. Islay 04. Cuillin (Interlude) 05. Mull 06. Jura If you were to peruse Sithu Aye's Facebook page or Bandcamp before you listened to any of his music, it would... Read More...