Warcrab just might have the best band name in death metal. Yeah, I said it. Fight me. Just imagining some masked warrior from [insert bombastically titled fantasy novel here] seated atop a gigantic, armored crab laying waste to opposing armies by crushing soldiers and machines of war alike mercilessly in its enormous claws makes for some entertaining daydreaming. What’s even better is that the band create music tailor-made for such outlandishly violent narratives, and are in my mind one of the more underappreciated bands in the genre today. Here’s hoping their obvious songwriting and performative talents get the recognition they justly deserve with the release of their (technically) third full-length record Damned in Endless Night, which just so happens to be one of my favorite death metal releases of the past several months. Today, we’re incredibly excited to bring you a track from this upcoming record, “Blood for the Blood God”, premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog!

For those unfamiliar with Warcrab’s sound, imagine the straightforward nastiness of Bolt Thrower and early Carcass meshed with the dark, sticky sludge of Eyehategod or Crowbar and you’ll strike pretty close to the audio violence the band conjures. “Blood for the Blood God” displays the band’s knack for blending these sounds thoroughly and with a great deal of skill. Unfurling hard-hitting and moderately paced riffs aplenty in its first few moments, the track continually builds in intensity and violence until it explodes into a full-on death metal finale, culminating in a cathartic release that feels both immensely satisfying and earned. The performances are controlled and fantastic across the board, particularly in the three guitars that give the track its utterly titanic sound. Coupled with Martyn Grant’s diverse, menacing vocal delivery, there’s little to speak of on this track that isn’t outstanding.

If you’re just now hearing of Warcrab, use this opportunity to educate yourself on their fantastic discography and prepare your body for the incredible experience that is Damned in Endless Night. “Blood for the Blood God” should give you plenty to chew on as you await its release, which you can pre-order on Bandcamp through the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records