Thonian Horde – Downfall

What exactly defines music as “accessible”? Here on this blog, we thrive on the most niche of sounds. Dissonant black metal? Oh yeah, we got that for all 12 of you who love it. Epic funeral doom? Of course we have that, and we have it in 20, 30, 40,…

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Hey! Listen to Zud!

Zud are a band you’ve got to hear. In their best moments, they conjure all of the emotional weight of post-black metal with none of the pretense or artifice. However, let me be clear: this is not post-black metal. It’s dirty, raw, black metal in the style of Midnight, with a similarly gnarly guitar tone and and rasped vocals spat with surprising intelligibility. Despite the indecorous rawness, Zud’s spacey, squealing solos take their time to wail and scream with all they’ve got, building into absorbing climaxes laden with soul. Zud’s solos aren’t technically impressive, but they’re arranged with that casual sort of mastery where just the right note is struck at just the right time.