This Friday, Maryland’s black and rolling Thonian Horde will release their latest album, Downfall. If you ever wanted to introduce your friends to some underground metal sounds but also didn’t want to weird them out of ever speaking to you again, Thonian Horde is an excellent choice. Black and roll combines the accessible elements of modern rock music with the darker side of black metal, creating a more evil sounding rock band that’s equally capable of screams and shrieks.

Not only is this a really great sound, Downfall is a really fun record. It’s not very often you get to label a black metal band as “fun,” but Thonian Horde deserves it. It’s a more energetic record than we usually get from bands of this nature. There’s a certain drama to the record that black metal bands don’t normally have. It’s just a fun sense of dark timing that any regular reader of Heavy Blog should listen to and probably enjoy.

But enough of my yapping. Let the band do the talking for me. They’ve been kind enough to share a sneak peek stream with us, and I can’t strongly recommend Downfall enough. Enjoy!