Black Tusk – Tend No Wounds

Black Tusk have always had that “spur of the moment” feel about them. From the minute guitarist Andrew Fidler and bassist Jonathan Athon knocked on their neighbour’s door and asked if he wanted to be in their band, there has been this sense of freedom about the way they operate. Their music is the same. It is almost flippant in its design – oozing simplicity; laughing in the face of their Savannah brethren’s experimentalism. Consequently, they have very rapidly built up a consistent catalogue of thrash-streaked punk n’ sludge that, when performed, can lay waste to any venue.

Phantom Glue – A War Of Light Cones

Kurt Ballou gets around. When he’s not blazing a trail with Converge, he’s hunkered down in his own studio at God City, working the sound-desk for various noise-making machines who’ve all requested his producing expertise. This is where he could be found during the months of April and August 2011, twiddling the knobs for Boston, MA’s Phantom Glue. The result of those sessions has taken two whole years to see the light of day, but now Black Market Activities have stepped in to save A War Of Light Cones from staying buried from view.

THE POWER OF THE RIFF Mix Tape & Tour Dates

THE POWER OF THE RIFF 2011 Mix Tape 01 ALL PIGS MUST DIE – “Pulverization” 02 BAPTISTS – “Good Parenting” 03 EYEHATEGOD – “Jack Ass in the Will of God” 04 MASAKARI – “Trapped In The Mold” 05 ALPINIST – “Hak Nam” 06 SKIN LIKE IRON – “Consequences” 07 EARLY…