Hey! Listen to A Mobius Knot!

We Heavy Bloggers are a loosely defined bunch; our tastes range from all across the gamut of metal and beyond. But if you'd like to see pretty much all of us react in the same way (that is, fleeing or crying for mercy) you could try saying the following words: "hey, I have this instrumental djent album I'd like you listen to and the year is 2018". Much shrieking and the covering of ears is bound to ensue. However, in spite of what I just said, I'm here to recommend you an album that's exactly that, an instrumental djent album released in this, the . But ah, there's just one more thing: it also features fully fleshed out and beautifully composed folk guitars. Intrigued? Let's jump into A Mobius Knot.

Hey! Listen to Andy Hauck!

The saddest thing about progressive music is how much of it sounds the same; in a genre that has experimentation and innovation baked into it, you'd expect to find more people taking risks. Alas, the tropes of the genre have solidified well and good, pretty much staying the same as they were at the end of the 90's, when the genre had its heyday. Nowadays, a lot of the interesting stuff has been excised from progressive metal and into other genres; it's almost as if, once you reach some point of innovation, you find that you've moved on from the genre. That's why it was so refreshing for me to find out about Andy Hauck, a musician from Nevada, of all places. His take on progressive metal draws a lot of inspiration from artists like Devin Townsend and Periphery, channeling plenty of modern progressive metal into his sound.