Exclusive Premiere - Rage the Pain Away With Cathari

Rage never sounded so good with Cathari's caustic blend of sludge, powerviolence, and metallic hardcore.

a month ago

Philadelphia-based Cathari have only been around for a couple years, yet they’ve managed to have multiple lives, evolving from doom metal dealers to noisecore ragers. Fusing the unrestrained fury of powerviolence with the pummeling intensity of metallic hardcore and punishing heaviness of sludge, Cathari delivers pure sonic destruction on their latest EP, It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Alive. 

Like their complex sound, Cathari packs a lot of emotions into four songs, exploring the fury of moving into adulthood under the shadow of unprecedented disruption and injustice, their feelings of disappointment towards the music scene, past friendships, and personal introspection. Vocalist Magdalena Stephens shared:

“‘It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Alive’ is like a thesis statement for my own sadness and disappointment into adulthood. Every song is about disappointment in its own way, be it with the music scene, the people I used to call friends, or even myself. Growing older has been a bitter and unforgiving experience and I wanted to capture the rage that percolates beneath the surface of my life as I come to find it’s just all disappointment all the way down.”

Despite (or perhaps because of) the harsh emotions expressed by Cathari, It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Alive has an undeniable and contagious energy that forces you into the mosh pit. Furious grooves rage against spitfire growls and yells from Magdalena, pushed to an absolutely pummeling pace by drummer Michael Quigley. The EP may only be four songs, but you won’t know since you’ll be listening to it on repeat anyway. Rage has never sounded so good. 

It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Alive will be released in full tomorrow, but you can melt your face by streaming the entire thing below. Pre-order the EP on Bandcamp and follow Cathari on Instagram and Facebook

East Coast noisemongers can also catch Cathari traveling across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey over the next few weeks. If their EP is anything to go by, these shows are guaranteed monsters. Embrace the rage, support local music, get wrecked in the pit. 

Cathari Tour Dates:

5/11: Baltimore, MD Joe’s Tavern; w/ Constituents, Tugboat, Flesh Terror in Baltimore, MD

5/25: Philadelphia, PA Bonk’s Til Close; w/ Intercourse, No Lights, My Wife’s An Angel

6/07: Flemington, NJ Flemington DIY; w/ Keefchamber and Lunar Blood

6/14: Harrisburg, PA The Greenhouse; w/ Motel Portrait 

6/24: Philadelphia, PA Ortlieb’s; w/ MURF

6/27: Elmer, NJ [TBA]

7/29: Philadelphia, PA The Kensington Palace; w/ Iwan and Radura 

Bridget Hughes

Published a month ago