EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Beaten To Death Bludgeon You Once More With "Enkel Resa Till Limfabriken"

The urge to have this post just say "it's Beaten to Death what else do you need to know?" is immense.

21 days ago

The urge to have this post just say "it's Beaten to Death what else do you need to know?" is immense. But in case you have been living under a proverbial rock or you just don't follow grindcore religiously (for some fucking reason), allow me to reintroduce you to what has become my specialty - premiering Beaten to Death tracks (this is the fifth time I have run something from them, not counting side projects). Beaten to Death take everything you think you know about grindcore and turn it on its head; with bright colors, off-kilter and often hilarious themes, and an absolute refusal to be pinned down musically, this band simply cannot be predicted. Their whirlwind of blastbeats, gutturals, breakneck riffs, and odd melodic interludes continues next month with Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis from which we are premiering "Enkel Resa Till Limfabriken" right. Fucking. Now. No more words! Grindcore time!

The track's title translates to "Easy Trip To The Glue Factory" and, combined with its crushing pace and unsettling video, I think it's easy to see why. This track opens with Beaten to Death at their most direct and aggressive. However, it quickly fills up with that strange melodic undertone that they are so good at employing, channeling the melancholy that I love this band for. You can't hear it yet, but the track also melds beautifully with the following song on the album, creating a sort of punk-tinged medley of bizarre, unpredictable heaviness to the affair.

Which is probably the best way to describe Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis in general. The absolute madlads over at Beaten to Death have done it again and have found yet another mode to channel their base love for grindcore through. This time it's heavy, morose, and weirdly colorful. Like the cover art! Anyway, get excited for this release. And pre-order it right here. Now!

Eden Kupermintz

Published 21 days ago