Khirki Take Flight Once More With "Featherless"

Khriki is perhaps one of the most underrated bands that I've had the pleasure of covering in the last few years.

a month ago

Khriki is perhaps one of the most underrated bands that I've had the pleasure of covering in the last few years. Back when I premiered Κτηνωδία in 2021, I mentioned how the album leapt out at me with that lighting like quality of all great albums. The same thing happened to me when I heard Kυκεώνας (which roughly translates into "bewilderment" or "chaos"), their upcoming release. The album sees them embellish their style of stoner metal with a lot of flamboyant and joyful vibes that cause the music to jump even further off the recording and into your hips and legs. "Featherless", the opening track I am very happy to be premiering today, is a fantastic example. Head on down below for expressive riffs and bright palettes!

God, this track is so much fun! From the opening, staccato guitar/drums combo, through the thrash-y bass that runs the next galloping riff, and all the way to the open guitar chords and bright vocals which carry the rest of the track, everything just shines. The track feels like one of Greece's white-and-blue painted coastal towns after a cleansing rain. The Mediterranean undertones on mostly the drums and the guitars cause everything to sing out with a buoyant energy that works splendidly well with the stoner rock approach to composition Khirki bring to all of their songs. All of this has made me listen to this track in particular over and over again since I received the promo, a perfect energetic opening to the full album.

By the way, these sounds and sensations are only further enhanced and built upon during the album's run-time. There are heavier tracks on it but also a lot more of that boisterous, celebratory feeling, making the album feel like one, big rock-n'-roll party. Make sure you head on over here to pre-order it. This underrated band is one of the best working in their space and just a joy to hear; I hope more of you do so.

P.S can we also briefly talk about how much the aesthetics of the video and the cover art for this album rule? Extremely good Mastodon vibes on both, which is the cliche and therefore "forbidden" comparison Khirki always get that I had to sneak here at the bottom.

Eden Kupermintz

Published a month ago