EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Úzkost Channel Righteous Fury On "For Property And Profit"

Check out "For Property and Profit" by blackened death metallers Úzkost right here!

Pittsburgh natives Úzkost have gone through a number of permutations, from name and lineup changes to musical abjurations that found the group experimenting with every extreme sound under the sun, finally arriving at the chaotic, blackened whirlwind of death metal they employ today.

"For Property and Profit", the latest in a series of singles to be released throughout the year, sees their aural assault honed into a weapon of dissonant, disconcerting powerviolence, putrid and pulsing with dignified rage. Says vocalist Josh Thieler about the release:

"This song is dedicated to my aunt Bonnie and will be released on the 21st anniversary of her murder and subsequent cover-up by the police.
Written as a response to the continued oppression and brutality of the police in the United States. Police aggression, brutality, and profiling disproportionately affects Black and Brown communities.
Defund & abolish."

We couldn't agree more. Check out "For Property and Profit" below and keep an eye on the Úzkost Bandcamp for news on their next releases!

Calder Dougherty

Published a year ago