Release Day Roundup – 11/18/22

New Disturbed and new Nickelback albums? LET'S GOOOOOO!

2 years ago

Top Pick

Tallah – Generation of Danger (extreme nu metal, deathcore)

There are a couple of things Portnoy-helmed, Code Orange-aping nu metal revivalists Tallah do on second effort Generation of Danger that elevate them above that seemingly niche, yet shockingly prevalant crowd (see ten56. below).

Firstly, rather than becomming the umpteenth band to suddenly turn indistrial in the wake of Forever (2017), they actually have a go at ripping off the far superior and more acomplished Underneath (2020) (beyond shamelesly lifting its imagery). They don't come anywhere near that modern masterpiece in terms of quality, but it's genuinely refreshing, and exciting, to finally hear someone at least having a go. As a result, Generation of Danger sounds genuinely unhinged and far more forward thinking than their throwback aesthetic first suggests.

Secondly, rather than taking their cues from Linkin Park and everything after, the Pensylvanian pentaveret go straight to the source, taking (sometimes extremely direct) inspiration from only the earliest records from genre pioneer Korn, Deftones, Slipknot, Dir En Grey and – sure – some early Linkin Park as well. It also helps that the overall quality of Generation of Danger is a massive step up from both Tallah's previous material and the majority of the burgeoning '90s nostalgia scene as well.

Other than that, the Disturbed album is the only thing that's really grabbing me this week. Make of that what you will...

Release Roundup

16 – Into Dust (sludge)

Alpha Virus – Collections of Pain (deathcore)

ARKÆON – Parasit (black metal, doom)

As They Burn – Ego Death (nu-metal)

Astrosaur – Portals (post-metal, prog rock)

Autograph – Beyond (hard rock, heavy metal)

Brockhampton – the family (pop-rap, southern hip-hop)

Brockhampton – TM (pop-rap, southern hip-hop)

Candlemass – Sweet Evil Sun (doomy doom doom)

Chat Pile – Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack (noise rock, experimental)

Critical Extravasation – Order Of Decadence (progressive death metal)

Disturbed – Divisive (nu metal, groove metal)

Doodseskader – Year One (sludgy alt metal)

Doomsday – Depictions of Chaos (thrash)

Epectase – Nécroses (extrem progressive metal)

Foehammer – Momentum (doom metal, sludge metal)

Fortíð – Dómur um dauðan hvern (black metal)

Gatherers – " ( mutilator. ) " (post hardcore)

Grandier – The Scorn And Grace Of Crows (psychedelic doom)

Jared Dines – The Grey (techish alt metal)

Lacerhate – Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death. (groovy death thrash)

Laces Out – Here At The Ashram (post-hardcore, noise rock)

Myriad – Guapa (stoner doom)

Mysloplaz – Mirage (djent, drum and bass)

Neil Young with Crazy Horse – World Record (folk, rock)

Nickelback – Get Rollin' (one mild banger amid some of the most embarassingly souless songs you've ever heard)

Ocean of Ghosts – I Am Awake And My Body Is On Fire (blackened doom)

Poly-Math –  Zenith (tech prog)

Rising Steel – Beyond the Gates of Hell (heavy metal)

Skythala – Boreal Despair (progressive death metal)

The Smashing Pumpkins – ATUM (Act 1) (progressive alt rock)

Soen – Atlantis (symphonic mellow prog, Slipknot covers) ​​

Square & sow – Slippery People (abstract hip-hop)

Surgent – Surgent (progressive death metal)

ten56. – Downer, Pt.2 (nu-metalcore)

The Interbeing – Icon of the Hopeless (metalcore, industrial metal)

Threshold – Dividing Lines (prog metal)

Weyes Blood – And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow (baroque pop, singer-songwriter)

Witchcraft – V (goth metal)

Witchfinder – Forgotten Mansion (stoner doom)

Witchunter – Metal Dream (heavy metal)

Xeno – Reconstruction (progressive death metal)

Joshua Bulleid

Published 2 years ago