PREMIERE: Idle Ruin – "Delta Hexatoxin"

Brisbane black-thrashers Idle Ruin have only become more infectious since their 2020 debut.

2 years ago

Back in 2020 we had the pleasure of premiering the debut single by Brisbane black-thrashers Idle Ruin. Back then I wrote that, while "blackened thrash might not always be my thing, the sheer pace and energy of Idle Ruin is irresistibly infectious" and it has only grown more so in the intervening years.

The band's newest number, "Delta Hexatoxin" takes everything that was so promising about their debut EP and amps it up in anticipation of their first full length. As drummer/vocalist Liam Anthony explains, the song takes its name from a found within the venom of Australia's notorious funnel-web spiders that can impair a person's nervous system once infected, which the band compare to "how one individual's actions can potentially ruin a larger group from the inside out." It's brutal stuff, and Idle Ruin bring the riffage to match.

Keep an eye on Idle Ruin's bandcamp page, for more news about their forthcoming full-length and always stay alert for poisonous spiders and stupid opinions.

Joshua Bulleid

Published 2 years ago