If you’re at all familiar with the online mathcore scene, you may have already been exposed to the mind-melting mathcore of Serling. Earlier this year, they erupted into the consciousness of many of math fiend with their single “A Passage For Trumpet” which featured a devastating vocal feature from Adam Warren of Oceano. The two-minute barnburner arose from a lineage of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and the occasional Car Bomb, imbued with extreme deathcore excess. There are worse ways to make a first impression, for sure.

Naturally, a full length followed, and it delivers on every promise that single made and then some. The act’s debut full-length Next Stop, Willoughby is a 30-minute barrage of twisted riffy mathcore that makes crystal clear the band’s obsessions with the classic sci-fi television series Twilight Zone. The band offers:

“Every song on this record is themed and named after a specific Twilight Zone episode, as all our songs are. We got the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing artists throughout this album. Those collaborations mixed with the heavy Danza and deathcore vibes we brought into the fold with our mathcore-related structures, there’s a little something for everyone to love throughout this release!”

Give the record (which also features guest appearances from members of Bone Cutter, The Sound That Ends Creation, Crisis Actor, and DB Cooper!) a spin in full below.

If you like what you hear, follow up with the band and grab the album at this location. It’s out today on Been There Scene That and Illuminate My Heart Records. Speaking of: there’s a limited drop of CDs happening TODAY, Friday, May 27th at 3PM EST over ate Been There, Scene That. Check that out here when the time comes.