If you’re not familiar with WAIT (whose name stands for We Wait In Transit), I won’t fault you; while they released an excellent, self-titled EP in 2019, which we covered on our podcast, the band have so far flown under the radar of the community. Which is sort of weird, considering that it’s made up of founding member Charlie Eron but also includes Max Phelps (Exist, Cynic, Defeated Sanity) and Alex Weber (Exist, Malignancy, Svenghali), two names that carry a fair bit of weight. Their relative anonymity is even weirder when you listen to the music and find out that they make an exceptionally engaging and well constructed type of progressive death metal. You can hear that for yourself on their latest single, “The End of Noise”, which we are proud to premiere here today!

Rules, right? I love how the initially clean and atmospheric intro blows up into that monstrously groovy riff, powered by Weber’s powerful and present bass tone. From there, the track is a ride and a half, buoyed by that same powerful groove and super-charged by intricate solos and the sort of powerful-yet-subtle vocals we’ve come to expect over Phelps’ long and illustrious career. The band had more insight for us on the track and its concepts:

“The End of Noise, our title track, is a favorite of ours. Lyrically, The End of Noise is about a character who develops agoraphobia and, although he struggles against it and craves interaction, spends the rest of his days in silence and isolation. The ending of noise is the character accepting his fate and being at peace. Alex Weber’s bass tone carries the momentum through the exposed verses and has an opportunity to shine. This song features Weber and the inimitable Jon Epley as soloists.”

And there you have it! The album itself, also titled The End Of Noise, drops on the 11th of February via The Artisan Era. You can grab it here.