Yes, that’s the album’s name and it’s pronounced “HIDDEN”. Clever, right? Honestly, such antics would make me roll my eyes if I wasn’t already familiar with Agvirre and knew they could absolutely cash in the check they are writing here. If you recall, we first premiered a split from these guys with Dead Cosmonauts last year and it was Agvirre’s half of the split that first captured my attention. It’s easy to hear why on their new EP, which we are proud to premiere here in full. It doesn’t take long for “Urtica in Glass”, the ten minutes and change opening track of the release, to really get going. After a short and somber intro, the track explodes into post-black goodness, laced with incredibly satisfying trumpets which call to mind acts like Soldat Hans, So Hideous or even Dodheimsgard.

These sections are backed up by some harrowing vocals, screaming their disdain and derision above a hauntingly ponderous, atmospheric passage which is prone to sporadic explosions into violence. Throw in some excellent works on majestic, synthesizer generated choirs, dynamic drums, and rumbling bass and you’ve got the Agvirre formula all set up in its full majesty. The rest of the EP hits just as hard, with the closing track bringing in a more dreamy, blackgaze sort of tone into the mix. There, the trumpets play a more mournful tune, enhancing the EP’s emotional punch near its end. Indeed, _ _ _ _ _ _ is a powerful step forward for Agvirre, bringing the promise I was already given by the band’s previous works to new heights of polish and, thus, emotive impact.

Make sure to click through to the Bandcamp page below and pre-order this punchy release before it drops on Friday.