In almost one hour, our end of year content goes live. You wouldn’t think this would be a day to premiere music but 1) I am incredibly excited by this release and 2) I sort of messed up and forgot to post this at the end of last week (don’t be too mad; I was sick!) In any case, this is how we find ourselves here with the triumphant return of JIRM. I first wrote about these guys back in 2019 when I was completely blown away by their unique and incredibly ambitious take on progressive stoner music. Their sound takes what’s best about this type of music, namely the psychedelic and trippy vibe of it, and melds it with long, challenging, and surprising tracks that aren’t afraid to mess around with the standard formula for the genre. Their newest track, “Pestilence”, is no exception. It comes to us off of their upcoming release, The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam, and without further ado I would like to invite you, nay beseech you, to give it a listen.

Man, I just love these guys so much! “Pestilence” is such a well constructed track. While it definitely takes its time, with a slow-building intro, fuzzy middle passage, and extended outro, it feels effortless and light on its feet. Perhaps my favorite contributor to this feeling, like with the previous album, are the vocals; they are so varied, interesting, and surprising. Whether they plumb the smoky, honey-coated depths of the verse or soar to incredibly moving heights during that aforementioned, ambient middle passage or lead the charge on the collapsing, chaotic outro, their evocativeness and powerful delivery serves as the beating powerhouse of “Pestilence”. Add in some killer riffs, excellent production, and an inescapable groove (including some tasty blast-beats near the end), as well as some truly out there compositions and tones, and you have another excellent track from these guys.

The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam releases on March 4th via the indomitable Ripple Music. You can head on over here to pre-order the album and honestly? You’d be making a grave mistake if you don’t do it. So do it!