Yes, that’s the title, you can’t stop me! No one can stop me! Anyway, let’s talk about Kadabra. They’re one of those bands that’s based described as “thick”, “redolent”, “psychedelic”, and “smokey”. What more do you need to know? Plenty I guess, so here we go: these guys operate from out of Spokane, Washington in the US of A and they’re furiously dedicated to making groovy, fuzzy, and fun music. That’s right, fun! Remember when we talked about the spaces between psychedelics, humour, and music when we covered Suncraft? This is much very in that same vein, that is good ol’ rock n’ roll that’s not afraid to not take itself seriously. Alright, that’s enough setup: head on down below to check out the “Bean King”!

Whoa nelly, that’s some riffs there huh? I love how energetic the entire track stays, as if daring its molasses thick tone to slow it down. But it doesn’t, mostly because those drums just won’t let go, constantly pushing the track forwards. I also love that indulgent solo and the fact that the track takes its time to get “back” to the main track, exploring quieter spaces and fantastic, improv-infused sections in the meantime. The end result is a track that’s a pure joy to listen to not only for its foot-tap inducing main riffs or its high-spirited solo or the amazing energy the trio have together but for all of those things brought together into the whole that is the “Bean King”!

This little track comes to us off of the band’s upcoming album, Ultra, which is out September 17th via the incomparable Heavy Psych Sounds Records. You can, and should, and must, head on over here to pre-order it. All hail the king!