Oh frabjous day! What a delight it is to once again feature the excellent, Israel-based, post-metal band NÜR! We first introduced you to these guys a little under two years ago, highlighting their viscous, present style of post-metal. Will guess what? NÜR are showing little signs of slowing down, unlike their riffs. Get it? Post-metal is slow? OK, sorry, back to the matter at hand: as the band gears up for their upcoming EP, Negative Transfer, they have decided to bless/curse us with a single titled “The Snake” and boy is it aggressive! It further explores NÜR for suffocating yet groovy instrumentation and goes extra hard in the vocals department. Head on down below to check it out!

I wasn’t exaggerating about those vocals, right? Whether it’s the ultra angry shrieks which dominate most of the track or the thicker, more pronounced timbre which arrives towards the three minute mark, the vocals really “sell” this track. Of course, they don’t work alone; their initial rage is expertly mirrored in the uncompromising slab of drums, guitars, and bass which makes up the first main riffs of the track. Further along, the more contemplative instrumentation near that aforementioned three minute mark sets up the track’s explosive last passage, whereupon the deeper vocals unleash all of their pent up energies on us. The end result is more of NÜR’s heavy, dark, and massive take on post-metal, spicing it with a punk-tinged punch that’s a joy to hear. It works well with the band’s note on the track, saying “The snake is the never ending line of cars twisted on the asphalt. This song talks about how we spent a big amount of our lives stuck on polluted traffic jams and our yearning to break free from that.

Negative Transfer will be released in the latter part of 2021 via the excellent Suicide Records. You can head on over to the label’s Bandcamp or the band’s Facebook page to stay updated on a release date as well as more forthcoming information on a physical release. Until then, make sure to play “The Snake” often and loud!