There’s something happening over here in Israel; it’s been happening for several years in fact. It seems as if the local scene stumbled over some cursed tablets or something and has now been collectively bound to make filthy, heavy, and aggressive music. Genres like grind, post-hardcore, and post-metal have been enjoying a renaissance, with some names making it across the oceans to places far away. It seems as if we have another such case on our hands with NÜR, as they recently enjoyed a premiere with the esteemed Cult Nation. NÜR are a band focused on the kind of post-metal which might remind you of LLNN, to wit the kind of post-metal that punches you in the gut rather than sending you on a dream-journey. It’s like the heavier parts of Inter Arma forgot to segue into melody and are grabbing on to your throat for the entire runtime. Head on over to Cult Nation to listen to the first track from their upcoming EP, “Trader”.

Damn. The first thing that invariably stands out from this track is the guitar tone, namely how big it is. From the first moment of the track, it reminds us of Zozobra only slower, filling up the mix with churn and burn reverb that leaves little room for second guessing. The bass, not to be out done, returns in kind, forming the basis on which the rest of this track moves along. Finally, the drums in all their cymbal-hitting glory (seriously, listen to that fucking go) and the aggressively strained vocals sit atop the mix to cry their derision. The overall product ends up being an extremely heavy-hitting track, channeling the pits of sound that only great, evocative post-metal can. When the lost notes hit, backed by the vocals going to an even more raw place and bringing forth a host of emotions, you’re left sitting in the final moments of feedback and wondering what the hell just happened.

NÜR’s EP releases on February 2nd, via Suicide Records. We’ll keep you posted as new music emerges, both from this band and the fast moving scene here in Israel. It’s going to get heavy.