This is the most important and exciting premiere I’m running this year (and that’s saying something, seeing as how I’ve already premiered a few dozen tracks in 2021). It’s safe to say that Terminus‘s The Silent Bell Toll is one of my favorite albums of the year and that’s from a band that I’ve never heard of before. But honestly, it’s a match made in heaven; Terminus’s thing is taking Pallbearer‘s emotional brand of doom, merging it with heavy metal solos and riffs, and then sprinkling sweet vocals from the Torche or Lo-pan side of things. Sounds awesome? You bet your freaking ass it’s awesome and I am now super happy to bring you the second single from the album, “The Lion’s Den”. Head on down below to fall in love as I did.

Oh god, where to start describing one of the tracks that has most made my heart feel like it’s going to burst this year? Maybe in the beginning, with that massive opening riff (which, like many riffs on the album, picks up from the previous track). You can hear the Pallbearer comparison immediately; the slow heft of the riff as it builds up, the feedback, the chromatic “shape” of the chords used. But you can’t really tear your ears from the vocals, right? Their timbre and inflection is way more pop, hinting towards the early/mid era Torche albums or the related project of Floor. On the chorus, these saccharine overtones are given full flight, turning it into a bright, emotional centerpiece of the track.

But here’s the thing: the heavy track not only returns after this light-washed and somewhat trippy feeling chorus, it returns heavier than ever. Down the line, there’s a fair built of build up and some tweaking around the main riff followed by some beautiful vocal melodies and a kick ass solo. Everything coalesces towards the ending of the track, where all of the energies gather to send “The Lion’s Den” in a truly epic, extremely cathartic manner.

And that’s just one track! Imagine what the full album can do. Or, I’ll tell you what it can do: it can drive you to tears, as it has for me. And it can make you scream its lyrics in the middle of the street or head-bang so hard at home that your headphones fall off. It can make you feel huge, like all good doom can do, and especially doom spiced up with heavy metal, melodies, and pop-sludge influences. For all of that, and more, The Silent Bell Toll is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year and I can’t wait for you to hear it in full. For now, “The Lion’s Den” shall suffice.

The Silent Bell Toll releases on August 20th. Make sure you head on over to the band’s Bandcamp above and pre-order it; they’re an independent band and they deserve and need your support! Oh, and keep an eye out for a full review on Heavy Blog, going up tomorrow.