What We’re Really Listening To – 7/9/21

For those who missed our last installment, We post bi-weekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the

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For those who missed our last installment, We post bi-weekly updates covering what the staff at Heavy Blog have been spinning. Given the amount of time we spend on the site telling you about music that doesn’t fall neatly into the confines of conventional “metal,” it should come as no surprise that many of us on staff have pretty eclectic tastes that range far outside of metal and heavy things. We can’t post about all of them at length here, but we can at least let you know what we’re actually listening to. Also, consider these posts open threads to share your own recent playlists and talk about pretty much anything music-related. We love hearing all of your thoughts on this stuff and love being able to nerd out along with all of you.

Scott Murphy

AFI – Sing the Sorrow (alt-rock, emo-pop)
Carcass – Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious (death metal, deathgrind)
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy (noise pop, post-punk)
Polvo – Shapes (indie rock, experimental rock)
Psyopus – Odd Senses (mathgrind, avant-garde metal)
The Red Chord – Clients (deathcore, deathgrind)
Ride – Nowhere (shoegaze, dream pop)
Suffocation – Breeding the Spawn (tech death, brutal death metal)
They Might Be Giants – Factory Showroom (alt-rock, indie pop)

Pete Williams

Black Country, New Road – For the first time (experimental rock)
A Better Tomorrow – Spiritual Crossing (doom jazz)
My Bloody Valentine – loveless (shoegaze)
UV-TV – Always Something (power pop, pop punk)
Hermit’s Weedsom – As Above So Below (instrumental stoner doom)
Mach-Hommy – Pray for Haiti (indie hip hop)
Eremit – Bearer of Many Names (sludge, funeral doom)
Helynt – The Legend of Synthwave (synthwave)
Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum (industrial, death metal)

Jordan Jerabek

At the Gates – The Nightmare of Being (prog melodeath)
Bastard Sapling – Instinct is Forever (black metal)
Dödsrit – Mortal Coil (black metal, crust)
FACS – Present Tense (noise rock, art rock)
Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum (death metal, industrial)
Flamingosis – Daymaker (hip-hop, funk)
Panopticon – …And Again Into the Light (black metal, Americana)
Sallow Moth – Stasis Cocoon (prog death)
Sigh – Imaginary Sonicscape (psych, black metal)

Eden Kupermintz

Ophidian I – Desolate (technical death metal)
Meer – Playing House (progressive rock)
Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music (hip-hop, chillwave)
Givre – Le Pressoir mystique (black metal)
Tor – Oasis Sky (chillwave, EDM)
Protest the  Hero – Palimpsest (progressive metalcore)
Alpha Male Tea Party – Infinity Party (post metal/rock)
Circle of Sighs – Narci (progressive doom metal)
HØST – Kos (post-rock)

Josh Bulleid

Fucked Up – Year of the Horse (progressive hardcore???, all of the genres)
Employed to Serve – Conquering (metallic hardcore, metalcore)
Urne – Serpent and Spirit (progressive stoner thrash)
Kaonashi – Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year (progressive post hardcore, screamo)
At the Gates – The Nightmare of Being (progressive melodeath)
Backxwash – I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses (blackened hip hop, industrial horrorcore)
Noctambulist – The Barren Form (brutal blackened death metal)
Fractal Universe – The Impassable Horizon (progressive tech death)
Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley (slappin’ synthwave)

Trent Bos

Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend (art pop, synthpop)
Born of Osiris – Angel or Alien (prog metalcore)
VIQ – Crystal Shores (chillwave)
Meer – Playing House (prog rock, art rock)
Norma Jean – Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (metalcore, mathcore)
Devil Sold His Soul – Loss (atmospheric post-hardcore, metalcore)
No Living Witness – Cosmic Simulacra (prog death, atmospheric black metal)
The Eyes of a Traitor – A Clear Perception (metalcore)
Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears (synthpop, art pop)

Remi VL

1. Deathchant – Waste (classic metal, stoner rock)
2. King Buffalo – The Burden of Restlessness (heavy psych, progressive stoner)
3. TesseracT – Altered State (progressive metal, djent)
4. Between the Buried and Me – Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium (progressive metal, tech metal)
5. The Dear Hunter – Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise (progressive rock, indie rock)
6. Yagow – The Mess (krautrock, psych rock)
7. Between The Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic (progressive metal, tech metal)
8. Between The Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence (progressive metal, tech metal)
9. Glen – Pull! (post rock, prog rock)

Joe Astill

Converge – Jane Doe (metallic hardcore)
La Dispute – Wildlife (post-hardcore)
Urne – Serpent & Spirit (thrash metal, sludge metal)
Cruelty – There Is No God Where I Am (metallic hardcore)
Black Country, New Road – For the First Time (experimental post-punk, post-rock)
La Dispute – Rooms of the House (post-hardcore)
M. Sage – The Wild of Things (ambient, field recordings)
Eli Keszler – Icons (free improv, EAI)
Olivia Rodrigo – Sour (pop)

Scott Murphy

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