I have to be honest with you, I never thought I’d be premiering music from an upcoming Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster album. The band, of which I learned from my explorations of post-rock collectives and with which I immediately fell in love, have provided us with only sporadic signs of life in the last few years. Singles promised new releases that never came to life and that led me to think that the band was having difficulties keeping things going. But it appears that this crisis of faith was completely unjustified; following on the heels of the previously released “Machinations”, we are now standing before a brand new Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster track and a confirmation of an album by the band later this year. Both are titled “The World Inside” and if the track is anything to go by, the band haven’t missed a single step. Head on below for all the emotionally fraught, majestically delayed, deliciously sinister post-rock/metal riffs your heart might desire.

Ugh, fuck yes. Tacoma Narrows have always been brilliant at creating the blend between light and dark, groove and scinitillation, that makes this kind of metal adjacent post-rock work. You can hear it at its best from right before the six minute mark of the track, with its massively moving exploration of big, big riffs, and the contrast created with the moody outro that starts right on the seven minute mark. The two parts bounce off of each other, like light off of a darkly reflective surface, strengethend by each other’s proximity to their opposites. Which is all a fancy way to say that the riffs groove hard and that the quieter passages pluck at your heart strings with a deft agility that is very hard to resist.

This single, as mentioned earlier, comes to use from The World Inside, the band’s next album which will be released sometime during August via the marvellous Post. Recordings. Make sure to head on over to the band’s Bandcamp page to stay updated as more info on the album is revealed!