Quite the title, huh? Good thing the album we’re premiering here in full is much better than that. Emerging from the endless cauldron of excellent music that is Art As Catharsis, Chassm rides the wave of energetic and intricate post metal that has engulfed us these past few years. Their brand of it mixes things up with the undulating and prominent bass tones of sludge as well as smatterings of scintillating post-rock trappings. It all comes together into a murky, and quite oppressive, elixir that’s best consumed in dark rooms with very little lighting or simply by closing your eyes and letting the music carry you away. In that regard, Falling Forever joins Chassm into bands like Telepathy, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and, when they hit the big old button titled “groove” on their shiny peddles, Russian Circles. Head on below to grab a taste of all of that for yourself ahead of the album’s June 24th release.

Lovely, yeah? In case you missed it, I’d like to draw your attention to my favorite moment on the album, the two minutes and fifteen seconds mark on the album’s second track, “Absentia Terra”. Something, as if from within, possesses the drums, causing them to discombobulate into this shambling, infections mess. The guitars and the bass follow suit, briefly exploring these progressives ideas before collapsing, alongside the drums, into this massive, groovy riff that’s every bit as awesome as the lead up was surprising. Later down the line, the drums pick up some momentum again and continue to draw figure eights around the main riff, all of which is but a prelude to the heaviness of the reprisal which happens along the middle of the track. Whereupon the depressing and languishing vocals come in and the track metamorphoses once again.

These are the sort of wild rides which characterize the type of post metal which Chassm deal in. They make Falling Forever anything but expected. Make sure you head on over to the band’s Bandcamp to pre-order this wild ride; you won’t regret it.