Yeah, that’s a Hebrew pun in the title! You see, Karkait‘s new track, all blazingly aggressive 47 seconds of it, means “every organ” or “every limb”. Wait, let’s back up a bit though: who the hell are Karkait? Well, if you had read Matt’s breakdown of the Israeli grind scene we ran a couple of years ago, you wouldn’t need to ask that question. Karkait are perhaps that scene’s most currently celebrated product, channeling diverse and variegated influences into one weird, corrosive mix. But this was all back in 2019, when the band released what-is-destined to become their milestone debut release, Yekum // Kiyum. Now, breaking loose from the shackles of their local scene like a hulking beast from the bottom of the ocean (one of the idiomatic locations hinted at by the band’s name), Karkait are ready to unleash a new EP titled Yevul. Head on down below for your first taste!

Wasting absolutely no time in delivering dissonant aggression, this little nugget of blackened intensity joins the other track released from the EP by our good friends over at the excellent Machine Music. Taken together, these tracks spell out one thing: Karkait have no intention of slowing down. From the first few seconds of pure feedback, through the main riffs and its blisteringly furious accompanying drums, and all the way through permutations of the guitars somehow filled with uncontainable groove alongside those bottomless vocals, “Kol Eivar” is hauntingly accurate. Karkait use every moment of its limited run-time to hit hard, hit fast, and waste absolutely nothing, the hallmarks of good grindcore.

Long story short (very short), this EP is going to kick your fucking ass. It releases on April 9th via the mighty Wolves and Vibrancy Records (home to blog favorites like Glacier, Fawn Limbs and more) alongside a reissue of their excellent debut. You can pre-order the double release right here and, in the meantime, turn up the volume and get crazy.