Yeah, that says “new album out tomorrow”. If you know anything about the chaps in Alpha Male Tea Party (which you would if you’d have listened to us all the way back in 2017), you know these guys like to goof around. And honestly, that’s one of our favorite things about them because the whole groovy post-rock community is about music that’s meant to be fun and it’s great when bands channel that fun into more than “just” their music. Alpha Male Tea Party are all about that and we’ve been waiting for another dose of their riff-tastic, groove-heavy, no-holds-barred brand of music for a while now. Well, the wait is over! Tomorrow, Friday December the 4th, 2020 (oh cursed year!), Alpha Male Tea Party are releasing Infinity Stare. In fact, you can stream the first (and last, I guess?) single from it right here. It’s called “Bonfire Disaster Movie” and it bloody well rules. Get to it.

Yes, yes, and thrice more yes! This track has everything that makes this band and, indeed, this genre so good. The opening three minutes of the track are well and good, loud main riff crashing in and amongst the rest of the instrumentation, bringing that Alpha Male brightness that we love so much into play. But then things get really going with a whole bunch of fuzzy bass introduced into the mix. Seriously, the bass on this track rules, it’s one of the grooviest we’ve ever heard from these guys and that’s saying a lot. Couple in those off-kilter guitars, agile drums, and the way it all coalesces back into heaviness and yeah, it’s a banger.

And the whole album is like that. We’ve had the privilege of already hearing it and Infinity Stare is Alpha Male Tea Party at their most aggressively danceable mode ever. Remember, the album drops tomorrow and you can do the following:

  1. Head on over to Bandcamp tomorrow to grab it.
  2. Go over to the incomparable, the mightily handsome, the dastardly Fecking Bahamas for a right good interview with the band.
  3. Pre-order the album through the lovely Big Scary Monsters.

Get to dancing!