Editor’s Note: Longtime reader Remi VL is a regular guest contributor to our Release Day Roundup posts! He submitted several of the albums listed below. Join his Facebook group

3 years ago

Editor’s Note: Longtime reader Remi VL is a regular guest contributor to our Release Day Roundup posts! He submitted several of the albums listed below. Join his Facebook group for more recommendations.

Each month, we always seem to come to the same conclusion when it comes to our Editors’ Picks column: Friday release days open the floodgates and unleash a seemingly endless stream of quality new music. But while some of our Editors and Contributors sit down gleefully each week to dive into this newly stocked treasure trove, others find themselves drawing a blank at the end of the month due to the breakneck pace needed to keep up to date with what’s been released. Which brings us to this Heavy Blog PSA: a weekly roundup of new albums which pares down the week’s releases to only our highest recommendations. Here you’ll find full album/single streams, pre-order links and, most importantly, a collection of albums that could very well earn a spot on your year-end list. Enjoy!

10 Years – Violent Allies (alt-rock)

25 Dollar Massacre – Days Gone (mathgrind, powerviolence)

1782/Acid Mammoth – Doom Sessions Vol. 2 (stoner-doom)

Acid Pauli – MOD (microhouse, tech house)

Ambassador – Care Vale (alt-metal, post-metal)

Ancst – Summits of Despondency (blackened hardcore, crust punk)

Arcade Messiah – The Host (prog metal)

The Archaeas – Archaeas (garage punk)

Assignment – Reflections (progressive power metal, thrash)

Bangladeafy – Housefly (experimental noise rock, post-industrial)

BAVE – Secret Peaks of Grief Mountain (math rock, punk)

Matt Berry – Phantom Birds (folk-pop, americana)

Body Double – Milk Fed (post-punk, indie rock)

Bright Light Bright Light – Fun City (synthpop)

Butcher Brown – #KingButch (jazz fusion, jazz rap)

Captain Blind Chameleon – Tales of a Floating Man (progressive stoner rock)

Carnation – Where Death Lies (death metal)

A.G. Cook – Apple (bubblegum bass, experimental electronic)

Counteractt – Universal Sadness (progressive deathcore)

Dylan Coverdale – What You Gave (math rock, emo)

Cults – Host (indie pop, synthpop)

Sarah Davachi – Cantus, Descant (modern classical, electroacoustic)

Deradoorian – Find the Sun (art pop, progressive pop)

Dynfari – Myrkurs Er Þörf (atmospheric black metal, post-metal)

Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck – EDGAF (post-punk, desert rock)

Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck · EDGAF

El Ten Eleven – Tautology III (post-rock)

Elderbrook – Why Do We Shake in the Cold? (synthpop)

Evoke – Seeds of Death (blackened thrash)

Fawn Limbs – Sleeper Vessels (mathcore, grindcore)

Finntroll – Vredesvävd (folk metal)

Fires in the Distance – Echoes From Deep November (progressive melodeath)

Fit For a King – The Path (metalcore)

Gazpacho – Fireworker (art rock, prog rock)

Hawser – All is Forgiven (hardcore, beatdown)

Heathen – Empire of the Blind (heavy metal, thrash)

Hidden Mothers – Hidden Mothers (post-black metal, screamo)

Hilotz – Aske (blackened melodeath)

I Hear Sirens – Stella Mori (post-rock)

The Infernal Sea – Negotium Crucis (black metal, black n’ roll)

Intellect Devourer – Demons of the Skull (death metal, tech death)

Iress – Flaw (doomgaze, post-metal)

Jealous of the Birds – Peninsula (indie pop, indie folk)

Khors – Where the Word Acquired Eternity (black metal)

Kingdom – Neurofire (alternative r&b, UK bass)

Kings of the Valley – Kings of the Valley (heavy psych, progressive stoner rock)

Knuckle Puck – 20/20 (pop-punk, emo)

Lascaille’s Shroud – Wounds (progressive metal, melodeath)

The Last Reign – Evolution (melodeath)

Mildlife – Automatic (psych rock, funk)

MJ Guider – Sour Cherry Bell (ambient pop, ethereal wave)

Moon Goose – The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees (psych rock, prog rock)

Mother’s Cake – Cyberfunk! (prog rock, modern rock)

Movements – No Good Left to Give (post-hardcore)

Napalm Death – Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism (deathgrind)

Novae Militiae – Topheth (atmospheric black metal)

Oh Sees – Protean Threat (garage rock, psych rock)

Orochen – Thylacine (post-metal, prog rock)

Ottone Pesante – DoomooD (avant-garde metal, jazz metal)

OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW – EP (emoviolence, screamo)

Plague Years – Circle Of Darkness (crossover thrash, death metal)

PlasticBag FaceMask – Core!Core!Core! (deathcore, mathcore)

Portal to the God Damn Blood Dimension – Rotten Fruit; Regular Orchard (post-rock, screamo)

Raven – Metal City (heavy metal, thrash)

Rogue – Aeon (progressive metalcore)

Daniel Romano’s Outfit – How Ill Thy World is Ordered (psych rock, indie rock)

Self-Cut Bands – Self-Cut Bands (power-pop, garage punk)

Spectaclist – Our Days Are Multiplied (post-rock, downtempo)

Steinsopp – Luggeføre (heavy psych, stone rock)

Sundr – Solar Ships (post-metal, post-hardcore)

Sunken – Livslede (atmospheric black metal)

Thorn – The Encompassing Nothing (brutal death metal)

Various Artists – Alice in Chains: Dirt [Redux] (sludge, doom)

Vatican Shadow – Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era (industrial techno, ambient dub)

Dan Weiss – Natural Selection (avant-garde metal, jazz fusion)

The White Swan – Nocturnal Transmission (progressive doom)

James Williamson & Deniz Tek – Two to One (hard rock, proto-punk)

Scott Murphy

Published 3 years ago