Finland may be the most underrated region producing significant amounts of death metal today. Sure, bands like Demilich, Hooded Menace, and Amorphis are household names for many a metalhead, but for every one of those higher profile names there’s at least a dozen bands like Desecresy, Krypts, Gorephelia, and Lantern that are churning out fantastic music to much less fanfare. Sepulchral Curse fall into this latter category of unsung heroes, with two fantastic EPs under their belt that have made ripples in the underground. Their debut full-length record, Only Ashes Remain, drops July 31st from Transcending Obscurity Records, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to premiere a thoroughly excellent track from it here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

There’s no way to appropriately assess Sepulchral Curse without mentioning riffs. Good lord does this band know how to write compelling riffs, and that’s nowhere more apparent than in “Eyes Inside”. At over seven minutes in length, there were plenty of opportunities for this track to be multiple levels of redundant. Instead, Sepulchral Curse pull deeply from their well of ingenuity to unleash riff after hard-hitting, deliciously melodic riff with all the technical skill and songwriting prowess of a band far beyond their years. This track balances heaviness and nimbleness with expert skill, presenting one of the few instances in death metal where a track over five minutes in length feels, somehow, too short. The band could have added at least another minute to this track and I wouldn’t mind at all. Thankfully, there’s a whole album’s worth of content filled with an equally arresting amount of riffs, so let this be a worthwhile sampler of the madness to come.

This track is without question one of my favorite that I’ve had the pleasure to hear in some time, and I cannot wait to see how Only Ashes Remain pushes the band further into the spotlight. Look for it at the end of the month (and pre-order this ish on Bandcamp), and until that time dive headlong into the Finnish death metal feast that is “Eyes Inside”. You won’t regret it.