Who’s atomic majesty? My Atomic Majesty! Seriously though, My Atomic Majesty is a new project blending the minds of one Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (who’s name you should already be very familiar with if you follow this blog) and multi-instrumentalist Andrey Sazonov, which is a name we would all do well to be more familiar with. They also bring along for the ride names like Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity, Ingurgitating Oblivion) and Tom Winspear. Together, they all make the kind of weird, passionate, and inventive progressive metal we’ve come to expect from Fountainhead but this time also supported by great electronic ideas and passages. Head on down below to check out the first single, “Warheadbang”. Yes, it’s called “Warheadbang”.

I actually want to draw your attention to the end of the track, where Geldschläger’s iconic tone blends with composition that wouldn’t be out of place on an anime show’s intro music (but not the outro, since that’s always mellow and contemplative), working well with the album’s cover art. This creates a sort of hypertension, as Gruber and Winspear accelerate to keep up with the guitar’s pace. Underscoring all of this are some excellent synths, calling back to the other incredible electronic tones and ideas replete on this track. Everything just comes together to such a satisfying degree, showcasing the exceptional song-writing capabilities of both Geldschläger and Sazonov.

Of course, the track has other call moments, like the ambient electronic bang in its middle, the cheery main guitar line that escorts many of its opening segments, or the bubblegum synths that erupt out of nowhere on it. I’ve also heard the full release and it’s filled with these great ideas and moments.

My Atomic Majesty’s self-titled debut drops on July 9th. Make sure you head on over to the project’s Bandcamp page above to pre-order it.