Like everybody else in the world with a lick of sense, I was hanging out at home the other day and just flipping through Bandcamp. I’ve gotten this new habit of poking through the new releases and top sellers and just listening to a song or two if I like the album cover. It’s something I’ve missed since we all went all digital with our music. Lo and behold, this technicolor masterpiece flashes by, and i’m seeing a lot of things that tell me this is gonna be damn good.

Earthdiver is another in a long line of excellent doom bands coming out of the Denver metal scene. One thing a lot of these bands do is big ol’ doomy fuzz riffs. I think the band haas probably taken a page out of a lot of bands’ books. It’s really fun stoner doom that leans into many of the hallmarks and stereotypes (for lack of a better term) of the subgenre. All of the songs lean into either a sci-fi or fantasy theme. Their latest record, Lord of the Cosmos, not only has all of that but it also has that awesome cover. Take a single look at it and tell me you don’t want to listen to it.

Honestly, Earthdiver might be the newest example of the perfect Denver metal band. Many of the bands coming out of the city these days are making metal interesting. Blood Incantation is doing their amazing sci-fi progressive death metal that’s blowing everyone’s minds these days. In the Company of Serpents just put out one of my favorite sludge records of the year (which puts it pretty up on my list). Khemmis continues to outdo themselves making modern traditional metal. And those are just the ones I could think of off-hand. Enjoy Earthdiver as the new harbinger of your Denver-based doom.