There’s a specific sub-group of bands that I listen to when I want something can only be categorized as “chaotic”. Think SikTh in their wilder mode, Psykup, Freighter or, hell, Frontierer when you really want to get into it. Most of these bands have a certain punk attitude to them, although it might not be reflected in the musical style itself. Instead, it’s a certain wildness and irreverence that marks these bands, an overall sensation of just not giving a fuck about conventions. Pair that up with lots of notes, freaky vocals, and an overall style of music that can be describe as “busy”, and you’re starting to get an idea of the niche. Fortunately enough, I can now another band to this small group of chaotic weirdos: ZILF.


ZILF describe themselves as “Pure pop sludge anthems stolen from a UFO that crash-landed in the beautiful countryside of [REDACTED], UK.” and by god, as silly as that sounds, it works. Their latest release, aptly dubbed The Album, fits that description to a tee. It’s like if Torche smashed into a truck full of Municipal Waste roadies, both of which careened into a Limp Bizkit music video filmed in the back of a Fellsilent basement show. The music is fast and I mean really fast. Crossover thrash fast, with guitar riffs buzz-sawing when they’re not chugging. The vocals range from the screamed, that high pitched kind of scream intermingled with clean vocals that marks so many of this style of band, to the downright comical. Electronic samples, breakdowns, and wacky interludes all intermingle into one radioactive whole. Themes range from video games (the second track features some iconic samples from Half Life, hello Gordon!), through memes (“RIP in Peace” is a track name), and all the way to politics.

In short, it’s all over the fucking place. But by channeling the same kind of wild energies as the rest of the aforementioned bands, ZILF really make things work. It helps that the music is excellent; it sounds like they’re just thrashing wildly on their instruments, but there’s actual thought and method to the madness, creating heavy, groovy, and interesting music. Anyway, enough words. Just tune in to The Album and let the madness carry you away. You won’t regret it.